Thursday, February 07, 2008

Why SCADA still is insecure

My friend Erik pointed me to this piece of information on the SCADA mailing list. A new SCADA security mailing list is in the works. This snippet is taken from the invitation mail sent to other mailing lists:
"Due to heightened security and awareness levels worldwide, ALL MESSAGES ARE WATCHED CAREFULLY.
Violators who report methods that are going to disable, damage, dismember, destroy, or disarm any control system,
SCADA device, or infrastructure will be reported to DHS (and/or their respective national or federal authority)."

Ex hacker-now-turned-to-tech-journalist Keving Poulsen, of wired magazine, had this remark:

"Only the SCADA community could conceive of a mailing list that tries to get you arrested for discussing security issues. And we wonder why SCADA is still insecure."

he might have a point there....

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